I never compromise on quality. An early set up of the equipment is highly recommended, it is part of all our wedding packages.

Our equipment setup if needed  can fit into the smallest of spaces and has a modern contemporary look. 

All our wedding entertainment packages come with professional wireless microphones, sound equipment, and lighting.  

WANT TO GO THAT EXTRA MILE .....What's included in our  platinum package  

The highest quality equipment for sound, wireless microphones, and lighting. 

Special FX effects can be added to your package:   

ADJ Bubbletron Go Bubble Machine for your ceremony or first dance. This bubble machine can go anywhere as it is battery powered and produces an abundance of bubbles. CO2 Geyser effect,  looks amazing for a  WOW effect on the dance floor.  Smoke machine, to create some ambience on the dance floor and to highlight the lasers.  Monogram projection, project  your initials/names onto a wall, floor or the ceiling adds some personalisation   

Intelligent uplighting for your venue - 8 new modern uplights provided to transform your venue. DMX controlled for colour fading, sound active, 1001 colours to choose from to match your theme.  A stunning new addition to have.



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