Providing all your music and entertainment needs from your ceremony to your last dance. Personalized and customized to meet your individual needs.


What is included in the Premier Wedding Package below


Experienced Professional Wedding DJ
 - Ian Wilson has played at many of the venues throughout Auckland. He is familiar with various venue set up and sound restrictions if any are in place and he has DJ’d at hundreds of successful weddings. 
- Specialising in weddings has given Ian the ability to fine tune his service to wedding clients to meet their needs and wants. Providing excellent equipment, and music planners are just some of the areas needing a specialist approach when planning a wedding. Ian will also arrange a meeting two weeks prior to your wedding day to discuss your final details 
- With 20 years of experience as a professional DJ and recommended by many discerning venues, Ian offers wedding clients an excellent service that can be relied upon. 
- Ian can help you  with the planning of the music and entertainment to ensure a memorable wedding day. He can advise you on what works, but he also remains flexible to fit in with new ideas and he understands your wedding will be unique. 

early setup

Included in the Premier Wedding Package an early setup of the equipment -
So your speeches and proceedings are not interrupted. 


Included in the Premier Wedding Package Bose L1 sound system
 Professional Sound System 
- Bose L1 model 1 
- Bose L1 Compact   
The Bose L1 systems offer the best in audio technology and are regarded by many wedding professionals and sound engineers as exceptional. The Bose L1 incorporates it's unique speaker array system to produce an even spread of sound and avoids hot spots of sound produced by conventional speaker systems.  
- Professional Sound System - B52 Matrix 1000 Designed for larger venues where more bottom end bass is required. 


Microphones allow your guests to connect to what is being said. The premier wedding package includes the highest quality microphones so this can happen without interference or interruption. Volume levels are monitored and advice on usage is given. 

Included in the Premier Wedding Package AKG D5 Dynamic Wireless microphone. 
Professional wireless microphone - AKG 450 Dynamic Wireless with D5 Transmitter. AKG are one of the world leaders in wireless microphone systems and are ranked in the top three manufacturers. The AKG D5 is the microphone of choice for singers  Joe Cocker and  Eric Clapton. AKG for great sounding audible speeches. 
Included in the ceremony and reception package. Discreet AKG 450  lavaliere  microphone for clear audible ceremony vows.  


Included in the Premier Wedding Package  professional lighting effects. To view our selection of modern lighting effects please go to our equipment page or the wedding page where you can see different effects in action.  The premier package includes four professional lighting effects. To see one of our latest intelligent lighting effects in action, check out here


Customizing and personalizing the music for your wedding.

Ian’s extensive music library covers thousands of songs and several decades. The library is constantly being updated to keep current with the latest popular music.  Not sure what music will be appropriate when or where. Ian will sit down with you and help customize your wedding music. He will outline the important parts of the day that music will enhance. He will send out lists of popular music including popular music for those parts of the day from your walk down the aisle to the throwing of the bouquet. Music selected can also be edited if needed. In the past Ian has extended intros to songs, removed words or shortened songs to fit with clients requests. Ian’s music planner will help you get the music you and your guests want to hear for the day. Ian will also discuss your do not play list and your conditions for guests requests. Having over 20 years experience in DJ’ing and weddings. Ian is very informed when it comes to reading the crowd and playing the appropriate music at the right time.


Optional extras

A selection of optional extras can be added to your premier wedding package. A small charge is applicable. Some conditions apply.


Can be addded to your Premier Wedding Package for a small charge. Announcements and introductions can be taken care of along with the smooth flow of the day keeping you and your guests informed about what and when events will be happening.  Ian will sit down with you and go through his MC planner and check list to facilitate the smooth flow of the day. Ian will also discuss with you the timing of events.  Ian has been an MC many times and will  will work you or with your chosen master of ceremonies to achieve the best result. 

- Monogram projection  
- Additional uplighting:  LED Par Cans for uplighting your venue.
- Additional lighting effects 
- Video highlights to see a shorter version of our highlights video check out some of our videos here